13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION


Suprema, a global biometric, security, and access control solutions leader, boasts a two-decade track record. Committed to addressing evolving security challenges. Founded in 2000 in South Korea, initially focused on biometric devices. It has since expanded its product range, aiming to deliver seamless, secure, and convenient security solutions. This presentation offers an overview of Suprema, its diverse product offerings, and its reach across various industries.

With a robust global presence spanning 130+ countries, including the United States, Europe, and Asia, Suprema has cultivated partnerships with tech giants around the world. This ensures compatibility with cutting-edge technologies and industry standards, reinforcing its commitment to providing efficient security management for customers worldwide.

BioStation 2a Introducing deep learning in fingerprint recognition, it enhances access control with diverse credentials. The key innovation is the embedded AI processor, NPU, optimized for deep learning, ensuring precise and speedy fingerprint recognition.

BioStation 2a fingerprint12

BioStation 3 provides multiple credential options. Choose from the most convenient authentication methods, all contactless and perfectly compatible with a post-pandemic world. Facial Recognition, Mobile Access, QR and Barcode and RFID.


XPass 2, a robust outdoor RFID reader by Suprema, employs advanced technology. Its versatile designs allow installation in diverse environments. Supporting dual-frequency RFID, NFC, and BLE, it is IP67/IK08 rated, making it durable and suitable for challenging outdoor settings.


Website company: www.supremainc.com

Detailed information about the products will be available at stand #20 from March 13 to 15 at Securex Kazakhstan 2024!

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