13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Securex 2024 exhibition visitors’ reviews

Inessa Sycheva, Client Relations Manager of LS Service Company LLP:

We have been attending this event for 6-7 years. Previously, we took part in this exhibition as participants, but this year we came as visitors. Every year we discover something new for ourselves, find new partners, new solutions. But we can meet here not only new partners, but also new clients. Every year the exhibition becomes more and more interesting, many new companies are represented. We also met our old distributors. We will try to attend this event every year, but we also want to be represented here as participants.

Kazbek Utessinov, Director of AKMEZ LLP:

This is my first time visiting this exhibition. I was very impressed. Now I am looking for safety representatives, since we are going to build a butter factory in the city of Uralsk. People came to the exhibition to see new enterprises and find interesting offers. I hope that by the end of this exhibition we will decide on suppliers. At the moment, we have concluded preliminary agreements, and I think we will conclude contracts before the end of the exhibition.

Svetlana Breussova, Specialist of AcCent recruiting company LLP:

This is the third time when I visit the exhibition and I like everything here. A lot of interesting companies are represented. I can point out interesting site organization. We have found manufacturers we were interested here at the exhibition with their stands. We plan to conclude agreements with them and cooperate in the future. Also, there are companies with which we have collaborated previously, it was nice to meet them here.

Almat Ormanov, Senim Service Group:

This is the first time when I visit the exhibition. I really liked it. There was a lot of very interesting information. We have found companies that are interesting to us, but have not concluded any agreements yet. We are at the stage of negotiations and hope to conclude them in the future.

Alexander Vichkutkin, Chief EMC Engineer:

This is my first time visiting this exhibition. There are several interesting points that were useful. We will definitely visit this exhibition next year, but as participants. A lot of useful and necessary information was presented here.

Anuar Beksultan, Infinity way:

This is my first time attending this event. I got acquainted with an information about a couple of companies, took business cards and plan to work with them in the future. No contracts have been concluded yet, but we have plans to do it. This exhibition aroused the interest, so I plan to visit it next year.

Securex 2023 exhibition visitors’ reviews

Pak Tamara, Product Development Manager of ASTEL JSC:

I am attending the Securex Kazakhstan exhibition for the first time. There are a lot of interesting solutions and innovative products on the site.  Our company is now promoting video analytics, so it was very exciting to be able to come. We took a lot of contacts and booklets, so we will look through and review it. I really liked the organization.

Aleksey Karyakin, Engineer, Barlau Global Distribution LLP:

I came to the exhibition from Shymkent, previously I watched the exhibition Securex Kazakhstan from the Internet, this year I came for the first time.  The exhibition is very exciting, everything is beautiful, the layout of the stands is smart, and the staff and employees who represent these companies, everything is well and clearly explained, and they provide leaflets with an introduction to their occupation and products. I met old partners and got acquainted with new companies.

Kalysbek Mambetov, Head of Gvardiya Security Service:

I came to the Securex Kazakhstan exhibition for the first time, as part of a large delegation from Bishkek. We saw a lot of interesting things, a lot of new technologies that we knew about but haven't seen on the market yet. I liked everything, and everything is explained competently, so the exhibition is going well. I'm glad I'm here today, I saw many new things, not only in the field of security, but also sensors, which I would like to buy. We have entered into a partnership with Ajax Systems. Earlier, we talked in absentia about supplying products, and today we discussed further cooperation with the supplier.

Klimanov Ivan, Deputy Director of Star BC:

I have been to the exhibition for a number of years. The volume of the exhibition is a little smaller this year, but we found everything we were looking for here. We express our gratitude to our regular partners, with whom we have been working for a long time, so we met at the exhibition and everyone was happy. There are many new companies that we plan to conclude agreements and contracts with, we have exchanged contact information, and we are waiting for their specialists at our site. Thank you very much!

Igor Panfilov, Executive Director of Tehnika from A to Z LLP:

We and our colleagues have visited the Securex Kazakhstan 2023 exhibition not for the first time.  I went to the exhibition knowing where I was going and who I was going for, so I'm happy with everything. But in addition to the intended stands, I really liked several other exhibits. I came up and got interested, they told me everything and explained it all. We've already met with some partners, now we're going to others. I am happy with the organization, thank you! 

Securex 2022 exhibition visitors’ reviews

Mikhail Karpov, IP Inter-Technology

The exhibition is interesting, there are many interesting stands. As a visitor and as the director of an organization that deals with the sale and installation of equipment, I have found many new interesting proposals for the implementation of projects for myself. I came to Securex for the first time from Petropavlovsk. This year I set myself the task of coming to the exhibition to get acquainted with new products and did not regret it, the exhibition really turned out to be very interesting.

Tyurin Nikita, Director of the Innovative Safety Center LLP

We visit the exhibition annually and I can share my observation. During the pandemic and the break in the implementation of the technology has stepped forward well, there are a lot of interesting solutions from advanced companies. And the most important thing is that they are already in stock. Accordingly, in the near future we will implement new projects for new solutions, for innovative technologies that have appeared on our market. All the stands are very informative, everything is arranged, in general, the organization is excellent. We looked at certain areas in which we work: video surveillance, alarm system, security. And in this range, many participants had a very interesting performance. Separately, I would like to note the interactive – various shows and sweepstakes are held at the stands. In general, we are very satisfied with the exhibition. Thanks to the organizers and all the participants!

Yuri Zakharov, Sales Manager in the CIS Macroscop

The composition of the exhibitors is quite interesting, there is a huge selection of products. Moreover, the products of the Russian manufacturer are presented in different segments, including video surveillance and other low-current systems. The number of visitors is quite large. This is the first exhibition in the last three years, people have missed it. The atmosphere is lively, everyone is communicating, making contacts. I think that here are companies that everyone knows. They participate more for the image. And there are also manufacturing companies that first announced themselves through the Securex exhibition, and thereby were able to declare themselves and position themselves in the market. The exhibition is excellent, we will constantly attend your events.

Baiterekov Marat, Director of QazAyaz Engineering

By visiting the exhibition is interesting, many manufacturers are represented. We got acquainted with a number of local companies that we would like to work with in the future. We have learned a lot of information about cooperation for ourselves. We will work on it in the future. I visit the exhibition every year, and I plan to visit Securex in the future.

Sovet Temirlan, WPS and HV Adjuster, Profzashita-KZ LLP

I am an adjuster from the city of Aktau, Mangistau region. My colleagues and I came to Securex for work and to get acquainted with the new equipment. Exhibitions of this kind are always very interesting, the best innovations and very informative material are presented. For us, as for adjusters, for installers – the products presented here are an indicator. An indicator of the need for our work, in the question of what is where to work, what to work with, and we will definitely not be left without work. We have noticed a lot for our personal area, for our city, which can help for the safety of residents and citizens.